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Have Faith

I have no doubt that, if we had a record company, this would be released as a single. Not just any old single, but a sure-fire, big-selling, catchy, hit single. (Preferably on coloured vinyl and with a nice gatefold sleeve, like singles used to have.)
Play: Have Faith

Free download:   The Disappeared – Have Faith

Welcome Back

This is the song with which we always start our live gigs.

Play: Welcome Back
Free download:   The Disappeared – Welcome Back

Welcome To The West

Do you remember the story of the US supermarket employees who can’t afford to live on their wages? Here in the UK, how about the million East European migrant workers who work for minimum wage in our shops and service industries? This is Joe Strummer’s “Shaktar Donetsk” ten years on. As the man said, “Welcome to Britain in the Third Millennium“.

Play: Welcome To The West

Free download:   The Disappeared – Welcome To The West

Karen Silkwood

“This song tells the story of Karen Silkwood. It’s much better than the Hollywood movie of the same name. Our song doesn’t have Cher and Meryl Streep in it, and it’s about two hours shorter than the film!”
Note: Read more about Karen Silkwood at: (opens in a new browser window)

Play: Karen Silkwood
Free download:   The Disappeared – Karen Silkwood


Make Me Rich, Don’t Make Me Poor

Very unlike anything I’ve written before; no references to death, politics, social injustice etc. It’s an old-fashioned love song, nothing complicated.

Play: Make Me Rich, Don't Make Me Poor
Free download:   The Disappeared – Make Me Rich, Don’t Make Me Poor

Eight Miles Down

Songs about death aren’t commonly found on radio playlists; songs about suicide are rarer still. Here is my contribution to that small, select group so I’ll have to take my chance on whether people get to hear it.
Play: Eight Miles Down

Free download:   The Disappeared – Eight Miles Down

Some Truths Are Self-Evident

Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever you believe in, some things in life are always, objectively, right.
The song’s message is this: if we as a wealthy, modern-day, society can’t help those around us who need it, whether it’s the sick, the young, the elderly or those less well-off, that failure diminishes us all.

Play: Some Truths (Are Self-Evident)
Free download:   The Disappeared – Some Truths (are Self-Evident)

Take Me To Manhattan

“I love this song. It contains a list of all my favourite New York bands, old and new, from the Velvet Underground to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LCD Soundsystem.”
Play: Take Me To Manhattan
Free download:   The Disappeared – Take Me To Manhattan

Step It Up

“Just give me lots of guitars!”
Play: Step It Up
Free download:   The Disappeared – Step It Up

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  4. First time i have listened. Glad I did. I like the sound, and the lyrics. Need to listen some more, though. Added to my MP3!

  5. Really enjoying the tracks, ta! I like the new spin you’ve made on a backline very reminiscent of post-punk/new wave, ala zoundz, buzzcocks, wire. Also a hint of rockabilly melody in places. “karen silkwood” defo a fave – always a good sign when it plays in your head a few times over! Will keep an eye out for future developments.

  6. Great stuff! I love the tunes, the vocal & the lyrics! Can’t stop lystening to your songs. I wish there were more of them. My fav is ‘Take me to Manhattan’ and ‘Karen Silkwood’. As for lyrics, I think ‘Set it up’ is the best. I also like ‘Welcome Back’ where I can see you paid tribute to Joe Strummer. I’m impressed!

  7. hi guys, im always looking for good music, and am glad to have found you via twitter, really enjoyed karen silkwood and take me to manhattan. will be looking for more from you

  8. The Disappeared really managed to fuse together the rawness of ’77 punk (television, wire, The Clash) and early 90’s brit pop (stone roses) really brilliant stuff here I can’t believe you’ve only been playing together for a year !

  9. good to hear something different these days…. really brings back the clash or iggy style. looking forward for the singles!! “welcome back” is a powerful song!!

  10. great tunes!!! can’t wait to hear some more, and hope to see you playing really sooooon-pick up that guitar!!!!

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