New music – from pop to politics

Here are two new songs, just recorded and now posted here for the first time.


“Have Faith”

I have no doubt that, if we had a record company, this would be released as a single. Not just any old single, but a sure-fire, big-selling, catchy, hit single. (Preferably on coloured vinyl and with a nice gatefold sleeve, like singles used to have.)

Maybe there’s another world out there, a world which isn’t obsessed with TV talent shows, endless remixes and pop-music-to-a-formula. Otherwise if you know any record company that might be interested, please ask them to get in touch with us.

The Disappeared - Have Faith

Free download:   The Disappeared – “Have Faith”


“Welcome To The West”

Meanwhile, back in The Disappeared’s more usual realm of songs with substance and meaning, we have “Welcome To The West”.

Do you remember the story of the US supermarket employees who can’t afford to live on their wages? Here in the UK, how about the million East European migrant workers who work for minimum wage in our shops and service industries? This is Joe Strummer’s “Shaktar Donetsk” ten years on. As the man said, “Welcome to Britain in the Third Millennium“.

The Disappeared - Welcome To The West

Free download:   The Disappeared – “Welcome To The West”


Both of these songs were recorded and mixed at Vibe Studios in Manchester ( Formerly New Order’s rehearsal rooms and now owned by Martin Coogan of the Mock Turtles, Vibe has hosted recording sessions for most of Manchester’s musical elite including The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, Doves and Badly Drawn Boy.

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