When you listen to The Disappeared, you quickly realise they’re one of the few bands that rate their lyrics equal to the music. 
Their songs have meaning and value. Sure, they write catchy tunes (think indie, think guitars and choruses, think Buzzcocks or REM) but they’re not afraid to tackle subjects that other bands wouldn’t dream of touching. 
There’s death and politics in there alongside history, suicide bombers, American counter-cultural heroes, references to Karen Silkwood and Allen Ginsburg, and a nod of the head to Joe Strummer. Interesting range for a band from Manchester, England.
The Disappeared are more intelligent and articulate than your average indie band. 
Give them a few minutes of your time and listen to their songs. You won’t be disappointed.”



Click here to listen to the songs now. You can download them free, no questions asked.

Just enjoy them and pass them on.